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May 14, 2020
May 14, 2020

US Club Soccer has released an updated target of May 18th for the date they will return decision-making authority to local leagues, in our case that league is the New England Premiership (NEP).

NEP has indicated they are still planning to have a season for spring/summer of 2020. We have received various questions regarding fees, reimbursements, and practice/game schedules. We are communicating closely with NEP to provide you with the latest information through coaches and communications like this one. Unfortunately, we have not been provided enough answers yet as the collective COVID-19 response evolves and the league responds; therefore we cannot make refund/payment decisions at this time. This is impacting all clubs and teams, we ask for your continued patience through this period. We will respond as quickly as possible once we have more information from NEP and US Club Soccer.

As a club, we continue to put players and families at the forefront of our decision making while following the guidance of the league. Once a decision is made to resume some level of activity, we will take the US Club Soccer and League guidance to ensure the overall safety and health of players and families.

The information shared in this communication is subject to change based on the overall environment and guidance/mandates from US Club Soccer and NEP.  Please visit for information on the Paycheck Protection Program, CARES Act, unemployment benefits by state, etc.

We know how difficult this time is for players, families, and coaches alike. We wish you health and well-being as you continue to fight through this unprecedented time and prepare for our return to the pitch.

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